Ride Proud, Rebel!


Andre Norton

This was first published by The World Publishing Company in 1961. This is from that edition.

Title page
Chapter 1 Ride with Morgan
Chapter 2 Guns in the Night
Chapter 3 On the Run—
Chapter 4 The Eleventh Ohio Cavalry
Chapter 5 Bardstown Surrenders
Chapter 6 Horse Trade
Chapter 7 A Mule for a River
Chapter 8 Happy Birthday, Soldier!
Chapter 9 One More River To Cross
Chapter 10 "Dismount! Prepare To Fight Gunboats!"
Chapter 11 The Road to Nashville
Chapter 12 Guerrillas
Chapter 13 Disaster
Chapter 14 Hell in Tennessee
Chapter 15 Independent Scout
Chapter 16 Missing in Action
Chapter 17 Poor Rebel Soldier...
Chapter 18 Texas Spurs


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