Uller Uprising


H. Beam Piper

This was first published as one of the three novels in "The Petrified Planet" in 1952. This three related novels in one volume was called a Twayne Triplet. There was a shorter version of this novel published in Space Science Fiction in February and March 1953. This is from the Ace reprint in 1983 of the longer Twayne version.
Title page
Introduction by John F. Carr
Essay by Dr. John D. Clark
Prologue -- On Satan's Footstool
Commander-in-Chief Front and Center
Rakkeed, Stalin, and the Rev. Keeluk
Four-and-Twenty Geek Heads
If You Read It in Stanley-Browne
You Can Depend on It It's Wrong
The Bad News Came After the Coffee
Bismillah! How Dumb Can We Get
Authority of Governor-General von Schlichten
Don't Push Them Anywhere Put Them Back in the Bottle
The Geek Luftwaffe and the Kragan Airlift
Of Princedoms Which Have Been Won by Conquest
The Shadow of Niflheim
A Bag of Tricks We Don't Have
The Reviewers Panned Hell Out of It
A Place in my Heart for Hildegarde
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