Dick Prescott's First Year at West Point


Two Chums in the Cadet Gray


H. Irving Hancock

Front Cover
Title Page
"Two Tiny Specks of Nothing"
The Tyranny of the Cadet Corporal
The "Lucky" Ones Take Up the New Life
Greg's Case of "Blues"
Candidate Dodge Is Critical
In the Hands of the Yearling Hazers
A Sudden Grind at Math
Dick Bones Trouble
Plebe Prescott's First Fight
The "Beast" Who Scored
How Cadet Dodge Held Post Number Three
Prescott Gets Number Three
The Sentry Makes a Capture
Poor Greg Can't Explain
Greg Overhears a Pretty Girl's Tribute
Taps Sounds on Summer
Mr. Dodge Goes Canvassing
The Plebe Class Chooses Its President
The Prowler in Quarters


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