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Integral Trees, Larry Niven
The Smoke Ring, Larry Niven
You should have known these would be here. After a mutiny on a ram scoop ship the survivors' descendants live in the gas ring around a neutron star.

The Rising, James Doohan and S.M. Stirling
Pretty good first book to start out a new series. It's up to S.M. Stirling's usual high quality. The collaboration definitely works. Fighter carrier space opera in the style of David Weber or H. Beam Piper.

The Cage, S.M. Stirling and Shirley Meier
This was the first book out in a shared world fantasy series. There are several people writing in this world. The world is a post nuclear war Earth in 4973 AD with magic thrown in. It works pretty good. This book circles around revenge and then finding out revenge isn't what you needed, but justice is.

Hunting party, Elizabeth Moon
Sporting Chance, Elizabeth Moon
Winning Colors, Elizabeth Moon
Space opera in the grand style with Heris Serano from a old fleet family who gets kicked out of the space fleet in discrace and can't help saving the universe.

Once a Hero, Elizabeth Moon
This takes place in the universe of "Hunting Party", "Sporting Chance" and "Winning Colors", but the main character isn't Heris Serano. The lead is Esmay Suiza the lietuenant from "Winning Colors" that commanded the Despite.
Rules of Engagement, Elizabeth Moon
What happens to Esmay when she switches to command track and tangles with a daughter of a family.
Change of Command, Elizabeth Moon
Esmay is back, with a coup in the Familias government sponsored by a hostile foreign power.

Ashes of Victory, David Weber
The latest in the Honor Harrington space opera. This is a great example of the genre. The others in the series are:
On Basilisk Station, David Weber
The Honor of the Queen, David Weber
The Short Victorious War, David Weber
Field of Dishonor, David Weber
Flag in Exile, David Weber
Honor Among Enemies, David Weber
In Enemy Hands, David Weber
Echoes of Honor, David Weber

Apocalypse Troll, David Weber
Aliens vs. Earth in the 25th century. What happens when the aliens try to go back in time and destroy humans before they can become a problem.

Plan B, Sharon Lee and Steve Miller
The next in the continuing adventures of Val Con and Miri and the whole gang. The book's better than anticipated. This link is for the trade paperback. I bought the signed hardcover also.
The others in the series are:
Conflict of Honors, Sharon Lee and Steve Miller --- electronic versions in rocket or embiid
Agent of Change, Sharon Lee and Steve Miller --- electronic version in embiid
Carpe Diem, Sharon Lee and Steve Miller --- electonic version in embiid
This is an omnibus trade paperback of the three books called Partners in Necessity.
Partners in Necessity, Sharon Lee and Steve Miller

Hellspark, Janet Kagan
A very interesting take on language, sentience and first contact. Well worth the read.

Skirmish by Melisa Michaels --- electronic only in rocket or embiid or peanut
Modern space opera in the classic style. From the bar room brawl to the small ship battle Skyrider will keep you on the edge of your chair. I'd forgetten how much fun the Skyrider books were. You will find no multi-page descriptions of imaginary hardware, just lot's of action and a little bit of romance.

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