The Meadow-Brook Girls by the Sea


The Loss of The Lonesome Bar


Janet Aldridge

Title Page
A Delightful Mystery
What Came of a Cold Plunge
Harriet Has a Narrow Escape
A Question of Politics
The Rocky Road to Wau-Wau
At Home by the Sea
A Sudden Storm
A Never-to-be-Forgotten Night
A Surprise That Proved a Shock
Summoned to the Council
A Reward Well Earned
Mystery on a Sand Bar
A Strange Proceeding
A Visitor Who Was Welcome
Tommy Makes a Discovery
Too Good to be True
When Their Ship Came In
Fireworks From the Masthead
Sailing the Blue Water
Out of Sight of Land
An Anxious Outlook
In the Grip of Mighty Seas
Waging a Desperate Battle


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