On A Torn-Away World


The Captives of the Great Earthquake


Roy Rockwood

Front Cover
Front Piece Illustration
Title Page
I Shot Into the Air!
II Mark Hangs On
III The Flight of the "Snowbird"
IV "Who Goes There?"
V Between Two Perils
VI On the Wings of the Wind
VII Dropped From the Sky
VIII Phineas Roebach, Oil Hunter
IX The Earthquake
X The Black Day
XI The Wonderful Leap
XII The Geyser
XIII Nature Gone Mad
XIV On the Wing Again
XV A Plunge to the Ice
XVI Professor Henderson Reveals the Truth
XVII On an Island in the Air
XVIII Imprisoned in the Ice
XIX A Night Attack
XX The Heroism of the Shanghai Rooster
XXI Mark on Guard
XXII The Wolf Trail
XXIII The Fight at Aleukan
XXIV The Flight Toward the Coast
XXV The Herd of Kadiaks
XXVI The Abandoned City
XXVII The Whale Hunt Ashore
XXVIII On the Whaling Bark
XXIX When the Sea Rolled Back
XXX An Enduring Monument--Conclusion
Back Piece Adds


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