Tom Swift in the City of Gold


Marvelous Adventures Underground


Victor Appleton

Front Cover
Front Piece Illustration
Title Page
I Wonderful News
II An Unsuspected Listener
III Andy Is Whitewashed
IV A Perilous Flight
V News From Africa
VI "Beware the Head-Hunters!"
VII Tom Makes a Promise
VIII Eradicate Will Go
IX "That Looked Like Andy!"
X Mysterious Passengers
XI The Midnight Alarm
XII Into the Unknown
XIII Followed
XIV A Weary Search
XV The Golden Image
XVI The Map on the Gold
XVII The Ruined Temple
XVIII Finding the Tunnel
XIX The Underground River
XX The City of Gold
XXI The Big Image
XXII Trapped
XXIII "Is It a Rescue?"
XXIV The Fight
XXV The Escape--Conclusion
Back Piece Adds

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