Tom Swift and his Great Searchlight


On the Border for Uncle Sam


Victor Appleton

Front Cover
Front Piece Illustration
Title Page
I A Scrap of Paper
II A Spy in Town
III Queer Repairs
IV Searching for Smugglers
V The Raid
VI The Appeal to Tom
VII A Searchlight is Needed
VIII Tom's Newest Invention
IX "Beware of the Comet!"
X Off for the Border
XI Andy's New Airship
XII Warned Away
XIII Koku Saves the Light
XIV A False Clew
XV The Rescue on the Lake
XVI Koku's Prisoner
XVII What the Indian Saw
XVIII The Pursuit
XIX In Dire Peril
XX Suspicious Actions
XXI Mr. Period Arrives
XXII Hovering O'er the Border
XXIII Ned is Missing
XXIV The Night Race
XXV The Capture--Conclusion
Back Piece Adds

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