Tom Swift in Captivity


A Daring Escape by Airship


Victor Appleton

Front Cover
Front Piece Illustration
Title Page
I A Strange Request
II The Circus Man
III Tom Will Go
IV "Look Out for My Rival!"
V Andy Foger Learns Something
VI Alarming News
VII Fire on Board
VIII A Narrow Escape
IX "Foward March!"
X A Wild Horse Stampede
XI Caught in a Living Rope
XII A Native Battle
XIII The Desertion
XIV In Giant Land
XV In The "Palace" of the King
XVI The Rival Circus Man
XVII Held Captives
XVIII Tom's Mysterious Box
XIX Weak Giants
XX The Lone Captive
XXI A Royal Conspiracy
XXII The Twin Giants
XXIII A Surprise in the Night
XXIV The Airship Flight
XXV Tom's Giant--Conclusion
Back Piece Adds

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