Tom Swift and his Motor-Cycle


Fun and Adventures on the Road


Victor Appleton

Front Cover
Front Piece Illustration
Title Page
I A Narrow Escape
II Tom Overhears Something
III In a Smash-up
IV Tom and a Motor-Cycle
V Mr. Swift Is Alarmed
VI An Interview in the Dark
VII Off on a Spin
VIII Suspicious Actions
IX A Fruitless Pursuit
X Off to Albany
XI A Vindictive Tramp
XII The Men in the Auto
XIII Caught in a Storm
XIV Attacked from Behind
XV A Vain Search
XVI Back Home
XVII Mr. Swift in Despair
XVIII Happy Harry Again
XIX Tom on a Hunt
XX Eradicate Saws Wood
XXI Eradicate Gives a Clue
XXII The Strange Mansion
XXIII Tom Is Pursued
XXIV Unexpected Help
XXV The Capture--Good By
Back Piece Adds

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