De La Motte Fouque

Title Page
Chapter I How the Knight Came to the Fisherman
Chapter II In What Way Undine Had Come to the Fisherman
Chapter III How They Found Undine Again
Chapter IV Of That Which the Knight Encountered in the Wood
Chapter V How the Knight Lived on The Little Promontory
Chapter VI Of a Nuptial Ceremony
Chapter VII What Further Happened on the Evening of the Wedding
Chapter VIII The Day After the Wedding
Chapter IX How the Knight Took His Young Wife With Him
Chapter X How They Lived in the City
Chapter XI The Anniversary of Bertalda's Name Day
Chapter XII How They Departed From the Imperial City
Chapter XIII How They Lived at Castle Ringstetten
Chapter XIV How Bertalda Returned Home
Chapter XV The Journey to Vienna
Chapter XVI How it Fared Further With Huldbrand
Chapter XVII The Knight's Dream
Chapter XVIII How the Knight Huldbrand is Married
Chapter XIX How the Knight Huldbrand was Buried


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